PDP-10 stuff

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There is almost nothing here, just the following:

fakedecus.lib10.0126.tap.gz - apparently a backup of SYS: was written over the DECUS lib tape that was used to populate DECUS.LIB10.0126 on TOAD.
fakedecus.lib10.0126.txt - and a listing of the saveset I made with "backwrbin" that I hacked to do 36-bit binaries.
sim_2.6a-pdp10-rev2.tar.gz - simh26a w/DZ11 support and reengineered polling interval (DZ_POLL_WAIT)
sim_2.6a-pdp10.tar.gz - rebuilt simh26a (TOPS-20 v4.1 workaround) and DZ11, ^\ support
sim_2.6-pdp10.tar.gz - with ^\ support
sim_2.6-pdp10.rev1.tar.gz - original version of DZ11 support.
tops10-gold.dsk.gz - simh TOPS-10 7.03 installation, with monitor sources and tools. 1,2 password is "operator".
k10mit-135.tap.gz - restore will default to dskb:[76,5,kermit]
k10mit-135.tap.gzip - Use this one if you do not get the full file.
backwr.tar.gz - utility to write BACKUP save set .TAP images
logo.mac - A version of LOGO I found on one my personal backup tapes

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